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To the Bats & Moles.

When the Earth will quake in terror, at the brilliance of His Majesty. We may/may not wonder what provoked the anger.
Noted in Isaiah 2:20, (three small lines)

"In the late days of the world -
people will give away their gold, silver & wealth -
to bats and moles." -

It looks like a metaphor, we have to look for simile in/of the last line.
First the "late days", it can only be our times, is the latest. Second is so obvious, people carry paper, which they obtained in lieu of real wealth. Last with whom exchanged = who took the gold & silver ?
Bats & Moles, both are creatures of darkness, darkness is because of absence of light. Light = true knowledge. Bats = vampires who suck away the blood, energy or money of the people, meaning the money-lender, u$urer, the banksters. Moles, = creatures of the underworld, who play second fiddle for banksters, deceitful priests who corrupt words & laws, pimps, prostitutes, etc.

Let There Be Light. Re'Collect, your wealth, let the bank'rupt.