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Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Government by fear has no bounds. The nanny state has won and is in full control. Only after (not before) the Keynesian options have collapsed into the abyss and Federal Reserve and its notes are worth less than the thin air they were created from will a sane fiscal policy be possible.

In the mean time, what can the average citizen do to survive? Easy play the game that's all. Work for the government! When you're young enlist in the USA (United Socialist Army). There you will learn and practice how to stick your nose into other peoples nations were it does not belong. This training will prepare you for the ever expanding job market when you return from school... Ooops I mean when you return from serving your/our/my (or their) country. Whole new industries like the TSA and Home Land Security eagerly await your job application. Or, you can go to school for free if you're smart and get a criminal justice degree. The future is bright for CIA, FBI, IRS applicants not to mention the local law enforcement.

So com'on kids, line up and sign up. Enlist today!

and then you die