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I had an idea...

...before Ron Paul decided to drop out I had an idea to show the two parties how many votes they would lose if they put Romney in as the GOP nominee.
What if everyone, from all states and all parties, who want to vote for Ron Paul and will not vote for anyone else marched on Washington. What if the Republicans wore red shirts, Dems blue shirts, and Indepedents wore white shirts. That way you could clearly see who, and from which party, would not vote for their parties nominated individual and would only vote for Ron Paul. Obviously there would be more republicans and independents, but I just think it would be interesting to see and it would be easy to tell with the different colored shirts.
I, like others, will not vote for Romney. I see no difference in the BO and Romney and I will not waste my vote voting for the lesser of two evils.
Does anyone think my idea is a good one. I imagine people from all states who are serious about this to take a weekend out of their lives to show the status quo that we are sick of these people and we want a real leader.