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"I want our forum to be all inclusive. To gather as many people as possible, from everywhere on the globe, and for people to discuss the issues of liberty and how we can expand our base and our cause" is a long way from "practice your religion, just don't do it here" and scolding people for injecting "religion into this forum."

This has nothing to do with church and state. Where's the church in it? Nowhere. For some reason, "separation of church and state" is your big thing now. Well, Jefferson had his version of separation of church and state which is not in the U.S. Constitution, let alone state constitutions. The Bible has its version of separation of church and state. Recent leftists have their version of the separation of church and state, which I guess is the one you like. Of course, the concepts of "separation" and "church" and "state" are all unintelligible apart from the Christian worldview.

And yes, I'm telling you that your "practice your religion, just don't do it here" is an anti-Christian sentiment.

Do you agree with the Bible when it says that you know God? If not, then you are anti-Christian, Sir.

Charles Jackson Also, read Ron Paul's original staff economist Gary North at