Comment: More Like A Romney Than A Paul!

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More Like A Romney Than A Paul!

Good speaker isn't he? That's about it. Sadly he is no Ron Paul. I speak as one who has known him quite well; even had his drunken (drink has been one of his failings) arm around me as he sort of apologised (too late) for a previous now obvious mistake when he had scoffed my warnings. His womanising is also legendary (his wife seems to live with it). He's a past city wide-eyed boy financier (not sure what he does now except milk the EU). And the media here love him (acts as a road block to more serious and genuine people coming through and drawing together the over-whelming anti-EU feeling in the UK). Farage's party (UKIP) actually has some very good people indeed (much more like Ron Paulers) - Farage owes them his meal-ticket in the EU Parliament. OK - my part in all this was some time ago (2000 or thereabout) - but I still hear many things. Farage knows next to nothing about liberty - he only knows about how to make sure he wins. Much more like a Romney than a Paul!

I hear others say other things about him - I don't know about that - but these things I say here I'm sure of. So you can see - I really don't think Ron Paul will be too happy at all at being compared to this person.