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Comment: You deserve great credit for not being

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You deserve great credit for not being

stymied by physical disability. And I honor the excellent work you do for liberty. But you know each of us must find his/her own path, and encouragement of virtue does more good, IMO, than condemning anyone's stumble along the way. I don't think I encourage or enable self-destructiveness when I appreciate good works, by LL or anyone, rather than demanding demonstrated "purity." Few of us achieve that.

Your way includes working for income and paying taxes; that is honorable, but so it is honorable for those of us who do not work for money and accept a lower standard of living in order to not pay taxes to the war machine. In this election cycle particularly, if an activist is devoting most of his/her time as an unpaid volunteer spreading the ideas of liberty and peace, that too is good work IMO.