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Prepared To Back It Up

Yes, I expected to be voted down. I'm sorry. It's not easy having such personal knowledge knowing how it dissonates with what the media portrays and so everybody will believe - you know how it goes!

But I'm prepared to back it up. Here's just one link - where you can spend a few happy hours going through the man's misdemeaners and get leads to as many more links as you might like to further research. You could not do that with a Google search of Ron Paul!!!

You'll also find my name there somewhere as one of the hundreds of hard working party members (I was on the UKIP National Executive) who eventually could take no more and had to leave. (In fact I've just noticed this very full site also contains the leaving notice I sent out to party members at that time - I'm surprised to still see it after all this time).

Yes - Farage is and always has been a very powerful speaker - I give him that - but he is hugely damaging to his cause and is a main reason why the anti-EU cause in the UK has been held back for so long. There are other good speakers in the EU parliament (Daniel Bannerman (Tory) Mike Nattrass (UKIP) Andrew Brons (BNP)) - but it is Farage that is promoted by the media - ask yourselves why!

But - good speaker or no - Farage is absolutely nothing NOTHING like the thoroughly decent and honourable Dr. Ron Paul.