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Maybe Just One Quote?

I thought I did condense it? Summerised - Dr. Ron Paul is NOT a drunk, nor a womaniser, nor a slick financier, and certainly does not have a devious, destructive character that has made him very well off and has undermined the political principles to which he pays lip-service. Farage - on the other hand - is! The difference between the two could not be more stark.

The website link I gave backs all this up and gives links to far more. I'm afraid I can't help it if you won't read it.

Well - maybe just one quote here? From Dr. Richard North, a very well-known and respected anti-EU author and anti-EU campaigner. He said in his resignation from the position of being UKIP's EU researcher - “I am not and was not prepared to be a bag-carrier. Nor would I fetch and carry for Farage, or write his letters, or be available to pour him into a taxi when he was so blind drunk that he could no longer stand, or cover for him when he failed to turn up for morning appointments because he had been out on the tiles all night long. I am almost old enough to be his father, but I am not in the business of being his nanny."

Farage is liked by the British (very pro EU!) media (one has to wonder why?).

Farage is NOTHING like Ron Paul.

Farage is certainly a strong speaker - as many politicians are. But Ron Paul's speeches contain that consistancy, intelligence, honesty and integrity that makes him very special.