Comment: Child Abduction by Social Services in the UK

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Child Abduction by Social Services in the UK

I watched a great 2.5 hour presentation last night on youtube by a British man named Brian Gerrish. He's an ex-navy man with 21 years of naval experience who is raising awareness that the UK is being aggressively conquered by communist/nazi/fascist forces via the EU and elsewhere.

He speaks at length about how part of their plan is to break up families and the way they do this is through giving unbridled power to Social Services. In the UK they operate with impunity. They do exactly what is described having happened in this article. They take children from their families and lie and fabricate their reasons.

It's a long view, but well worth it. He speaks of much more than this. It's encouraging to know that there is a strong anti-global movement in the UK and this man is one of it's leaders.