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You are seriously uninformed.

You are seriously uninformed. There is no proof that vaccines prevent disease at all. Most of these 36 recommended shots are for childhood diseases that are not life threatening. Start researching polio--the disease was on the down turn UNTIL the vaccine was introduced. Then the rate skyrocketed. Same goes for pertussis and measles. Immunity is gained through the mucous membranes. Directly injecting live viruses, along with bovine cells, pig cells, monkey cells, aborted fetal tissue, 11 heavy metals, preservatives and chemicals we don't even know about into the blood of infants is more than many babies can withstand. I have heard so many personal stories from friends and acquaintances whose children couldn't talk or make eye contact the day after a round of shots. If you think this is just coincidence, think again. Why do you think the federal govt has a vaccine injury fund? I would much rather take a chance with my children's catching chicken pox or measles than compromising their immune systems for life. Start reading Neil Miller's books for some solid scientific information ( not funded by the CDC or drug companies). My husband (a Ph.D. In chemistry) has been researching vaccine ingredients for 15 years. The reality is horrifying, and this is why we do not vaccinate our kids.