Comment: Wrong Again Neverquit! Gotcha!

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Wrong Again Neverquit! Gotcha!

The facts, and I am talking REAL facts here, not the made up numbers you used, ok. So you better get it right, you are a flat out liar, the most dishonest person on earth, and how dare you support liberty, ok? Did you even pass first grade math? What an idiot. What am I talking about? Here it is.... We agree with each other 97% of the time on most issues; however, we spend 97% of the time bitching, complaining and fighting with each other about the 3% we disagree on.

EVERYBODY knows this! You know I am right. You fudged that 1%!!!!!!!!!!!!! What amazing BS. Its NOT 98% its 97% you dummy! You must be a troll causing division amoung our ranks. Look, I am an understanding guy, the seven and eight are so close on the keyboard, hey it could happen to anybody. BUT I KNOW you were a troll when your failed to CORRECT your MISTAKE.

Finally, people don't suck, neverquit. They are just other versions of ourselves, ok? This movement is about LOVE and PEACE and gently getting along. Then you come along with your blatent 98% lies! Further you fail to correct your "MISTAKE" (yea right, sure, a mistake). Fact is, its you who SUCKS!

And don't forget, we are all just other versions of ourselves. So lets all love eachother.

Wait, did I just say we should all make love and suck? No! scratch that you perverted lying creatinous troll!!! Moderators! Moderators! Where are the dam Moderators???!! Someone should ban this guy. Actually, the special ops guys have infiltrated the DP and are doing EXACTLY these kind of things to cause us to all fight. Come on people! Ban these guys. Moderator!


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