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You are correct, the science is clear and has been proven over and over again in courts throughout the country. Vaccines as well as pharma drugs are dangerous. They have been proven to cause debilitating injuries including autism and death. The pharma companies acknowledge this science by way of billions in payouts to victims. The US government acknowledges this science by providing pharma companies immunity to damages. Pharma companies are just like Wall Street bankers who earn ill gotten gains in the billions and pay fines in the millions when and/or if they get caught. One would think that fines would be billions for stealing millions, but then that might stop the profit train. Knowing that vaccines and drugs pose potential life threatening disabilities and even death, you appear to be saying parents do not possess the rights to fend for their child, but the government does. You obviously are not a parent.

Mom and Dad take their kids to the carnival. They happen upon an apple dunking tank. The man says there are one thousand apples in the tank, but one of the apples might be poisonous and if eaten will cause life threatening illness and possibly death. Do you allow your children to pick and eat an apple? Let's go one step further. The man says since you paid to enter the carnival, the government says you and your kids are MANDATED to pick and eat an apple.

Do you believe ALL humans have a right to their bodies?