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Never intended to muddy the waters like this post seems to have done. All your bickering back and forth... Counterproductive. Just think if you took the time spent arguing about these nuances (reminds me of Fox News/MSM/TMZ) and focused that energy on providing constructive and positive value to promote Liberty, Liberty candidates, and Enlightenment for others.

We need to focus on building the Liberty base so it can become the majority consensus across America; in the House, Senate, and Presidency.

When I posted this, I had no connection to the lawsuit. Instead, I liked how the video had a collection of clips of Ron Paul recognizing some of the corruption and calls for justice. If I could edit this post, I would add the blurb that it does not specially reference the lawyers for Ron Paul lawsuit. He publically did not support that lawsuit... But this video does show that he advocates and encourages individuals who know of, have documented, or can prove corruption to pursuit it.

The last few days I tried to promote a money bomb for "Ron Paul's top Senate Candidate in 2012".

There was a modest goal of raising $75,000. We failed to meet that goal. Imagine if all your attention was spent Working on behalf of the Liberty candidates who are actually sacrificing their time/life/career to advance the principles of liberty. Perhaps we could have exceeded that goal? Perhaps that effort was the straw that broke the camels back to get Kurt Bills elected.

Meanwhile... You're here... Bickering over nonsense. Counterproductive. Divisive. If L4RP is a bad idea, then let the free market determine that. Your time bashing it with countless flame wars produces nothing. Simply wasting your time. However, if you focused on adding value to the movement... We all benefit.

So, I challenge you... How can you add value to the Liberty movement today? Myself, I too used to provide little value. But since "awakening"... I donated to Dr Paul, donated and promote Kurt Bills, from my home State, and got involved and was a delegate in my local caucus for the first time. This is just the tip of the iceberg for me. Also, am trying my best to keep my Daily Paul posts positive and add value wherever I can. If you aren't adding value, what are you here for?