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Free WheelChairs vs. Hospital-Type Bed

Guess the wheelchair lobbyists and big pharma/hospital biz are in with the big boys and the hospital bed boys are not.

Big T...that is sad and I know severe MS. Said a prayer for your Dad. I am sure he paid in for years in order to have Medicare. Add insult to injury, many doctors have a limit on how many Medicare patients they will take.

Everything is a set-up to push corporate-government health industry take-over by making even the most reasonable requests unattainable while touting a few give-aways that are simply transferring money to "preferred" manufacturers.

The whole free wheelchairs issue has been studied by the Senate, the GAO and more. Doesn't matter what evidence of fraud is presented...nothing happens. And, as usual, it is all encased in an emotive package. Who would deny mobility to someone suffering? Everything is upside down and inside out.