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Please, don't stop trying

There were no seats available in my county district. All the other county districtss had open seats. One county district had all the seats open, but mine was full. So I continued to go, and I took my own role call, And then when someone missed three consecutive meetings, I asked to replace them. The Chair got so mad at me after I had gone after every seat but his, he said, "Maybe I should resign and you can be the Chair?" I said, ""sure, I'd be happy to be Chair, but right now, I'm just trying to get a seat legitimately. These folks don't care to show up, it's not my fault." That's when he admitted a conspiracy against me... well, the next meeting, I got a seat.

Of course in the meantime, I had petitioned and qualified for a seat, but I don't come into my elected seat until January. So I'm seated 7 months before my actual seat opens. And what's better, is that my diligence, fortitude, determination, consistance, respect, is paying off. They like me more than Ron Paul.. now there's a twist, eh?

I sure wish I had folks on my committee who were Ron Paul Republicans. The more the merrier. Show up aa a guest and be counted. Maybe you'll help inspire them to vet Ron Paul issues and candidates... a little pressure wouldn't hurt, as you never know who might suddenly drop off leaving you with a seat!

God Bless You!