Comment: Well there are some cases

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Well there are some cases

Well there are some cases where Dr Paul is wrong. However, I'm pretty sure he agrees with me about the efficacy of vaccines. Now to address your question of do I believe in freedom.

I believe we should strive for maximum freedom, however I do not agree that this maximum freedom means no government, as if that were the case, people would be infringing on the freedom of others. In the case of vaccinations, we have the parent choosing for the child whether or not to take vaccinations, and creates a situation where a parent's ignorance can result in a great infringement on the child's freedom.

Suppose a parent wanted to expose a child to radiation or other carcinogen out of some ignorant unscientific belief that it's good for them? Most children would be completely fine and never suffer any ill effects, but we know a definite number of children would develop cancer as a result--would you know consider this parent liable for the damage caused?

If so why wouldn't you consider him liable for withholding life-saving treatment?