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I Am Merely

...agreeing with Ron Paul and with Granger for doing exactly what Ron Paul has suggested after trying the 3rd Party route and surmising that it is impotent. Just a tool to divide and further knock off any branch group that thinks it can go up against the two-headed beast.

Some of us have gradually come to the awareness that the only *political* way (while we do many other things locally) is to cut off the Republican Samson's hair one lock at a time. In doing so, perhaps we are breaking out of the box of the biggest group think scam in history. We can do something. One individual at a time.
Those one individuals with similar convictions and goals do not constitute a *collectivism.* We haven't evolved much but we are beyond the law of the jungle.

And, yes we certainly have a lot to contend with. Regrettably there is no sudden victory that will turn everything around. And, yes the ballot box has been bought and paid for. Yes, sell-outs are the rule.

Perhaps it is people of principle who understand the strategy and can't be bought-off that Ron Paul is counting on. Perhaps Granger is one of them. Perhaps seeking office at the local and committee level of the one head of the beast is the best way to fuel the kind of consumer tool box you advocate; however, that too will take time. Perhaps *good people* in politics is the one thing that hasn't been tried in a very longtime.

It appears to me that you are basically against anything and everything. Read and reread what you wrote above and the OP.
What exactly are you advocating and why do you think this is a viable place to post anti-Ron Paul strategy?