Comment: The Reason She Got Arrested Was Because:

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The Reason She Got Arrested Was Because:

The STATE of TEXAS is under the presumption this woman is an employee of theirs, because of her "Certificate of Live Birth" she was issued when born.

The STATE of TEXAS is a Corporation; the STATE of TEXAS (if that's where she was born) created a dead fictitious entity/a new Estate in the name of NATALIE PLUMMER which is a corporate person(s).

The STATE of and the UNITED STATES is under the presumption that everyone in this country is an employee of their because of the "Certificate of Live Birth". Since a corporation cannot do business with and contract with a living-breathing human being, they had to create a 'corporate you' ... Look at your drivers license, you name is spelled in all CAPITAL letters; that's the other "YOU", not the real You.

So, NATALIE PLUMMER is an employee of the STATE of TEXAS, and as an employee of that STATE, there are certain statutory rules, regulations and codes that employees must adhere to, or they will be fined and jailed.

One of those statutory corporate codes is "You cannot warn other employees of speed traps". She broke a corporate statutory rule/regulation and she paid the price.

The "Certificate of Live Birth" is the DEAD ESTATE the STATE OF *** created and sent to you in the mail in hopes that you'd grow up and use that document as your identity, so they could presume you are one of their employees, so they can enforce statutory rules, regulations, fines, imprisonment and taxes upon you.

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The "Certificate of Live Birth" aka "Death Certificate" has a STATE Seal and a Registrar's Signature on it for crying out loud.

This is why they 'presume' to have authority over you.

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