Comment: History of obesity in America

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History of obesity in America

Has a very high correlation with the exact time the government clamped down on amphetamines whi h used to be prescribed for more reasons than any other drug. Also an extreme increase in the presciptions for new(patent- protected) and EXPENSIVE anti-depressants. Speed is nOt only more effective than all the new ones but costs pennies for a months supply. This was also about the time big -Pharma lobby got to washigton, the drug war began, and America started losing the productivity and thought capacity that Ayn Rand, and so many others , myself included, used amphetamines to bolster.

Give us fat asses or give us Meth! You decide what epidemic was more heinous , the housewife's who couldn't clean enough, or welfare fatties that can't eat enough (or find the motivation to get a job).

And if you give me ... Weed , Whites , and Wine,

And you show me a si-ign,

I'll be WILLIN'

To be movin'

-Lowell George

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