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in hearing how it turns out for you. Until this year,I had not had health insurance since 1987. I have lived what sounds like a similar lifestyle; could not ever afford health insurance, but I am healthy and the few times I needed something and had to go to a doctor, I paid for it myself. I also use alternative health care.

I think I read the penalty was $695 or 2.5% of your income, whichever is higher (the $695 may not be exactly accurate, but it was over $600).

My situation now is that I turned 65 and became eligible for medicare. It really was a tough decision to make..I really can't afford it but if you don't take it right away a penalty builds up so that say, when you turn 80 or 90 and something does come up and your income is quite limited and your savings are mostly used up you can't afford to buy into it then. I don't like it, but I had to make a decision and with Obamacare coming down the pike, I thought I would be forced to buy something anyway. However, that $600 + penalty is less than what I am paying for medicare ($1200/year) and I took an advantage plan. I have never spend $1200 in any given year for my health care, so they are making money off of me.

Anyway, if you figure out a way to avoid having to pay something let me know!