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you are starting to sound a little like a well conditioned doctor or nurse! Many people on this board have given you excellent points to ponder, and some things you could start to research and look into. I am not going to keep up with the back and forth..... 'been there done that' too many times, it's like beating your head against a wall. Let me just say, I used to say and think the same way you are doing here.. until a particular incident close to me, opened my eyes.... I then embarked on 5 years of research on the subject. My filing cabinet is full of toxicology reports, pathology reports, court cases, congressional hearings on the conflicts of interests... and revolving doors, Neurologist findings, and the faulty and corrupted studies that are often used to "prove" 'vaccination efficacy'. There is overwhelming evidence to the contrary of what you are now stating. I hope you will take a little time to step out of the 'nice little square box', that the medical community has created for you to operate in.... and put in some time to do your own OBJECTIVE research and study. It is a rabbit hole of corruption you will find.

And as to the comment:
"Well there are some cases where Dr Paul is wrong"

Could it be perhaps, there are some cases in which you are wrong?

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."