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Tried 'em all

All very speed like with a bit too much edge. At high dosages some hallucinations but not worth the discomfort and tension. Ecstasy is waaaaaaaaay better, not on the same playing field. Not even the same hemisphere.

Mollies are actually MDMA 70-80% of the time, press tabs it drops to about 25 % and usually lots of other adulterants.

MDMA is magic. Changed my life, I can see how it may become habit forming. Lots of sites with info on the web to test your supplies.

I test
By putting half a dose in a spoon. real = 0 to peaking in 5.5 seconds, NOTHING else does that.

I can hear the gasping already, bring the outrage, I've used a needle and I'm sure this will tarnish our reputations when all the MSM sees elektable and starts pouring thru our posts. Maybe they won't let us be mainstream !!! Oh no!!! :@)

btw i have thus far successfully managed to control my mad face eatIng urge by munching some pie while feeling the "LOVE"

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