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Comment: Ahhhh... sweet,sweet freedom.

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Ahhhh... sweet,sweet freedom.

Ahhhh... sweet,sweet freedom. Isn't it grand? Things are changing in China. They are changing very quickly economically and very slowly politically. The next ten years will be interesting to observe... and maybe heartbreaking.

It should be added that the penalties, I mean 'the taxes', go up exponentially should you utilize your freedom to have more than 2. The interesting thing is this, many in China are indeed choosing to do just that. This is a matter of economics on a collision course with government coercion. Those who are doing this are the very wealthy, a growing middle class is starting to test these waters too. It has become an odd sort of status symbol. Granted, the numbers who do this intentionally are very few, but it is happening. And in recent years these policies have been justified, in large measure, as being designed to help the poor.

So even in China we find this strange dance of government coercion being justified as safeguarding the poor. The very rich end up not minding it a bit, while it is the poor that truly suffer under it. Thus, the rich can afford their 'freedom', the poor cannot.

Thank you Justice Roberts for your lovely ruling.