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Are quarks particles?

"First it should be understood"
Ok, because I can't understand anything...
"quarks with different charges"
hmmm....sounds like particles with charges...
"no bearing on something being a physical property"
really? who says? Force from a physcial property as in a charge sounds like a vector problem which would give a "bearing"
"idea of charge is just something we"
We? You were around back then?
"made up"
Kind of like the color green...but the color green does not exert force on other colors does it?
Sorry, but it seems as if you made my case for me...
As for your thought processes, you are able to make general observations but unable to put the information together in coherent really just need to take that one step further...
Don't get me wrong, nothing is proven, but the "source charge problem" remains to be unsolved...any further disscusion will result in posting the current theory of the source charge problem...(with references) keep it up...

I am not an electronics expert, nor am I even close.