Comment: I'm not using medicare,

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I'm not using medicare,

but I disagree with you jetguy. To disagree with a government program and still participate in it, and take resources from it is not hypocritical. Such behavior is exactly the correct approach to bring down the current tyrannical system. There's no hypocrisy there.

To criticize what the government has become and work to keep the system going might be hypocritical, but more often is just an expression of ignorance.

To criticize what the government has become and seek a peaceful end of it through transition is the genius of Ron Paul.

Remember, it is not the welfare recipient who has taken the money you have earned. It is the government who has taken it and given it to whoever they wanted. It is you who let them take it. The government is to be blamed for taking it, and you are to be blamed for letting them take it. The recipient is the only one contributing to making an end of the current immoral and violent system.