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You are rationalizing farmer.

There are way too many people here, jumping up and down that the government shouldn't be providing healthcare and condemning others who are recieving it - while being quiet recipients of that same benefit themselves. THAT is the very definition of hypocracy. And rationalizing that its okay because you didn't ask for this very generous benefit, does not make it any less so. If it is WRONG for the government to be providing others with a benefit that admittedly is unConstitutional, then it is wrong for you to be receiving the same benefit.

It is not wrong to receive the benefit, just because you happen to oppose it - but it IS wrong to rail against others getting something that you are gladly accepting yourself.

Like the preacher who sermonizes against adultery but keeps a mistress on the side. Saying "It wasn't my fault. I was against it. But I did it to bring down the tyrany of our culture."

Hypocracy has a definition even in this politically correct world - and this is it.

You can't have it both ways.