Comment: Yet another blog that ends in a whimper.

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Yet another blog that ends in a whimper.

Do you honestly think CRYING for Liberty is going to do a damned bit of good?

Please, tell us, what WORDS are going to stop these thugs?

If caught in a back alley in the seedy part of town and finding yourself being methodically closed in upon by gang members wielding pipes, chains, and other implements all staring at you, even point at you and coming towards you in a menacing fashion, are you going to try to TALK them out of beating you senseless?

How is the behavior of people in government today any LESS than what this scenario describes?

Remember, YOU chose the word "enslavement."

If someone is trying to enslave you, do you really think you can talk them out of doing so?

Or, is this not as serious as attempted enslavement after all?