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Yes, that is true. But you

Yes, that is true.

But you don't have any proof for your consciousness (I'm talking about what the greeks called 'Qualia') but still I'm sure you believe in it.

Everyone claims that they 'experience' and we take them at their word. I f we set out to prove anything, we could find cells, neurons, neurochemicals, enzymes, we would see the electrical impulses between the synapses but nothing to show that there is an entity that 'experiences'.

The situation of God is similar. Most of the world (95% if 'Contact' got its facts right) reports some kind of experience with a higher being. Admittedly, organized religion has muddied the waters a bit, but you have to wonder if 'God' is not something like our own consciousness whose existence can never be proven objectively.

So I'm saying maybe the 'God' people speak about can only be known through experience. To clarify further I have NOT had that experience. In case you didn't notice, the title of my original post was 'Devil's Advocate :D.

You might of course believe like Daniel Denett and some other philosophers that our consciousness is a kind of persistent illusion or epiphenomena and then I have no argument with you.

Its not called the 'Hard Problem of Consciousness' for nothing.