Comment: I'm bumping this because next to supporting and electing

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I'm bumping this because next to supporting and electing

liberty minded representatives, this is in the next tier of importance. Why? Because, a fully informed jury is a powerful thing. They can change outcomes of trials and therefore they can change how laws are dealt with. It is egregious for a judge to tell a jury how to think and what to do. Why even have a jury if this is the judicial norm? What about the right to a fair trial? Without a juror knowing their rights, they might as well go home. They have the right, with or without any jury nullification bills passed, to vote their conscience. The importance of having jury nullification bills passes is so the court has to apprise the jurors of their rights!!!! And, most people have no idea they even have this right. But, we do and we need to know it and have the ability to exercise it! There is no greater damning of liberty then in the courts with unjust and tyrannical laws that victimize thousands every year. Please contact your representative and DEMAND a jury nullification bill ASAP! Call your friends, fellow DP'ers, organizations, etc..

Just do it!