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Anyone who really believes in this movement and doesn't just jump on anything that says "Ron Paul roxxorz" doesn't want this getting out anyway. It was terribly done and says nothing. I hope it dies the painful death it deserves. As I have said before. It is embarrassing. It's not just that there was no message but it was supposed to be some professional piece. I can tolerate many many poorly done videos that praise Ron Paul but those videos actually have something to say, they actual give a message that is backed up by facts and passion. This had none of that. So in my mind they wasted all their effort for nothing. Yes it was well done. It looked very good but said nothing. It said OMG! Ron Paul had big rallies!! No shit. And??? We all know the media blacked him out and yeah others might not know that but it never says WHY... WHY did they black him out? Why do they not want us to gain a foothold? Why are they afraid of following the constitution? These are the things that should have been answered and weren't. As such, it is nothing more than pure MTV garbage. Yup, awesome camera, good cinematography, good editing, good movie. But it sucked. Bad script, bad actors (I blame the director for that), bad directing (see previous) and bad or should I say no real message. Yes Ron Paul has been popular and......? You catch my drift? In other words it was an over-produced waste of time to say what we all know already. And those that didn't know didn't learn anything either. Why should those people trust what he is saying without something to back it up? Pure garbage in my opinion. Don't embarrass us more by spreading this around.