Comment: The Man Who Refused To Fight

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The Man Who Refused To Fight

That is the story of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Say what you will, but back in April 2012 when Ron Paul was beginning to actually win key States, beginning to really close the delegate gap, and when he was at the very height of his popularity - he chose to squander all that momentum, and sabotage that rare moment in history, by abruptly deciding to inexplicably quit, stop all campaigning, and then...even publically call the race for Mitt Romney.

The man who was so principled and strident in attacking Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann, only gave the mumbling cluck-of-a-chicken in his approach to contesting Mitt Romney (whom his own son happily endorsed).

This is the story of the man who refused to fight.

The story of how the man who had promised to take the fight to the Convention just inexplicably quit -- even as his supporters were furiously fighting for delegates (at personal risk in some cases), and no official count had yet been determined.

The story of a man who just walked all-the-goals backwards in mid-Campaign:

. From running for President until all the delegates were counted and taking the fight right to the Convention ... to just having a "pre-Tampa" rally, and being nice to Mitt Romney at his coronation.

. From drawing 8000+ sized abruptly canceling all campaigning at the point where he reached that level of impact.

. From fighting for delegates at all the State conventions, pre-emptively declaring that Mitt Romney had won it (prior to any official counts).

. From Ending the auditing the Fed.

. From just "not any causing trouble at Mitt Romney's scripted victory party".


This is the story of the man who refused to fight.

I'm not sure how much money of ours he took in (millions), and what he did, or what he is doing with it. But one thing that he didn't do ... is fight right up until the end like he promised. For that, we should all ask for our money back!

At the critical hour, and as he was gaining on Mitt Romney, this is the story of the man who refused to fight.