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Comment: Did the people who made this

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Did the people who made this

Did the people who made this video, do so, AFTER or BEFORE Ron Paul HIMSELF said he did not have enough delegates to win the nomination?

Secondly, if I'm just reiterating what the man himself said, then should I ignore what Ron Paul says?

Seems there is a 'movement' within the "MOVEMENT" that thinks the numbers are there. I've asked many times for evidence of this yet nobody can give me a straight answer other than I'm a "troll" or "infiltrator" or "trying to destroy the movement".

I've heard almost nothing from the campaign lately about THE ACTUAL CAMPAIGN.

I have heard a lot about Obamacare, Romney, Rand Paul, blah blah blah,

But even I, someone who is a Daily Paul member, am not sure if Ron Paul is still in this. So how can the average Joe be confident, or even know?

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