Comment: This BS will stop once people actually WAKE THE H3LL UP and

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This BS will stop once people actually WAKE THE H3LL UP and

realize that: If you are a registered voter, and you pay an income tax, you are the shareholders/investors/beneficiaries of the public Trust aka the STATE, and the Goobernor is a public servant aka public TRUSTEE that YOU the shareholder/investor/beneficiary of that STATE corporation are paying to do his/her job.

That jacka$$ is a public servant; the people who are paying his salary are his BOSS; he is a Trustee that YOU the shareholders/investors/beneficiaries voted in there to "Occupy" that Office for a certain term of four years.

How can the Trustee that "YOU" are paying as a public servant tell you what to do, if YOU are NOT an employee of that corporation, and YOU are not receiving a paycheck on the 1st and 15th from that corporation, but you are INVESTING (paying taxes; sending in a 1040 form, etc.) in that corporation?

If you're not an employee, officer or elected official of that STATE, and are not receiving pay from that STATE, but you are investing (paying a portion of you income in taxes) in that STATE, then why in the H E Double "L" are you letting a f***king Trustee tell you, the Beneficiaries/Shareholders/Investors if you can carry a dam-Ned firearm or not?

People, do yourselves a favor and watch this Dean Clifford seminar so you can understand what the h3ll is actually going on with respect to your "TRUE" relationship with the STATE.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

You're going to feel like a real idiot once you watch this seminar and have that "OH $HIT" that's what they're doing to us moment.

These people in government have turned it upside down on it's head and after 12 years in the public fool system have managed to brainwash everyone of us into believing we are the trustees of the corporation.

Once you see this, you WILL wake up, and you WILL have a whole different attitude about their supposed authority over your lives.

No Joke, this is the real deal. And the sad part is, it took a Canadian to teach us our own government.

Dean's really lays out for you in this seminar, you'll never be the same.

You can't "UN-SEE" what you're about to see.

NOTE: And yes, the same that applies in Canada applies here in the STATES, because America is still a British Colony.