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Comment: I am so sick of people

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I am so sick of people

I am so sick of people criticizing every thing Ron Paul does. There would be no liberty movement of any kind if it weren't for Ron Paul. He has been standing up to power for the past thirty years all by himself and people who have only recently become "supporters" (fans would be a more appropriate word for most of us) have the nerve to say that he is not doing enough. The man is 76 years old, he has a family that he would love to be spending time with, but he spends all his time going around the country spreading the message of liberty, getting booed at debates on national television, being ridiculed by the media, and working his butt off in congress. He is just one man, what else can he do?

The fact of the matter is that once Santorum dropped out, Ron Paul didn't have a chance. He needed Santorum to split delegates with Romney in the primary states to keep Romney from getting the majority. There was never any way Ron Paul was going to win alot of delegates in the primary states. The old neocons that make up most of the GOP today were not going to vote for Paul no matter what. But we are the future. If WE keep fighting we can take over the party and that is exactly what this campaign was and is about.