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He's going to keep doing it

He's going to keep doing it and then call people like me deceptive and a liar for calling him out. Hey Knight, do you remember that? You called me a liar for saying this same type of post died. It has over 100 downvotes. The last two have been downvoted to oblivion too. Then you go around making personal attacks. If somebody says its a stupid idea you come back and say, "you're stupid". If one says troll you say troll, they say go away you say go away. I went through a few threads and found this to be a pattern of yours. You're not clever enough to come up with any original responses. All regurgitated nonsense and the now famous, " but if you do that you let mitt win." Seen that one at least twenty times. I did see you make an original post however, inviting people to this mega online role playing game thing. Then it dawned on me. The reason you speak to people the way you do here and why you're so combative and argumentative is because you're a social outcast that lacks the social skills to communicate in a mature fashion. Cats outta the bag. So when I said that the previous thread died for a reason you called me a liar. Then I tell you the reason was because the idea sucked and you continued. Well, clearly the folks around here think the idea does indeed suck and that's why it keeps getting diwnvoted and you repost it. So, proof that I didn't lie and that you are...well, I'll keep it nice.