Comment: Have you been paying attention?

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Have you been paying attention?

What would going after Romney have done? The media, the GOP and the establishment had already determined Mittens was winning. To take them on head on like you wanted would be like taking on Iron Mike in his prime - he would have lasted 30 seconds - and everyone would be marveling how long he lasted as they carted him off to the hospital.

Sun Tzu

Avoid what is strong. Attack what is weak.

The presidency is strong - our local governments are weak.

He has been crystal clear - the GOP at top levels is too strong. Attack them where they are weak. They are weak at the local and state levels and they are arrogant - their greatest weakness of all.

It is our job to do as the general has said - his instructions are clear - and if his instructions are clear then it is the fault of the subordinate officers - not the general if you fail in execution of the instructions.