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Comment: Folks, I hope you will donate. PLEASE READ THIS

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Folks, I hope you will donate. PLEASE READ THIS

I did a quick search for the Lorang family. They were living in a trailer park and refusing any public assistance on the principle that it is immoral. This is a family that is truly needy. This is a time for us to practice what we preach in terms of the libertarian philosphy of private charity over government subsidy.

I came across this post by Hosanna's father 9 months ago. He was writing in response to the question of whether we should accept money from the government since it was ours to begin with (original post here:

I can tell u my story: after coming down with mono five years ago while delivering chips for Frito Lay, my family went on food stamps. A couple years later, my wife went back to school. Last year, I made about $5000, recieved that much in gifts from friends and family, but lived as though we made over $30,000! When I added up all the gov't assistance (including financial aid), I was horrified! We have accepted this philosophy that the state needs to pick up the slack in order to maintain a lifestyle that is disallusional.

Since then, we have cut up our food card, refused financial assistance, rejected health insurance (which is just a scam btw), and moved into a trailer park. Why? Because I have the right to live according to my means, and whatever wealth I accumulate should be my own. I say this only to point out how drastic it may be to do as you suggest (though I believe it's the only real way to stop the spending spree in it's tracks).

Farmers need to do the same thing. Subsidies are killing our industry. It's encouraging ppl not to become intuitive and inventive for new product and markets. The proplem is, they would suffer immensely. But.... that's what it would take, and we have to be willing to live far below our means in order to build our wealth with our own two hands. My take on it. ;)