Comment: #1 Reason Why People Go Bankrupt in USA

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#1 Reason Why People Go Bankrupt in USA

Health Care Costs!

Re: ...."Who is doing this"?

He believes that there is a central power that is using government and corporations to control us. I believe that the corporations are using the government to control us. Any thoughts.


It is called PPP Public-Private-Partnerships, which is basically, governmental/non-governmental partnerships it is basically another word for corporation. It was invented by the socialists in the USSR. It is used in an array of systems today. PPP's are best known in Agenda 21.

By incorporating (mating) the private agrees to work under speical rules and regulations to get special perks. Special perks and protections are the reason for all the corporate mergers.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

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