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Comment: I second BAZZA MAC's suggestion.

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I second BAZZA MAC's suggestion.

Please include "lib" in the ban list. Thanks.

To the moderators
Submitted by BAZZA MAC on Tue, 07/03/2012 - 02:12. Permalink
If you want the daily paul to survive you will have to stop all new membership at least until after Tampa and maybe beyond.The Daily Paul is under full on ESTABLISHMENT ATTACK not just for now but to destroy our movment in the future.I had not been back for a month because of all the bickering till i seen the Elektable great vid on Australians for Ron Paul then i find such Stupid Forums as (lets talk drugs i like em)and other such crap.This site has been such a beacon for the freedom and liberty movement for years and now it is on the verge of being Destroyed,What genuine newbie is going to stay on this site.There is not much we can do from australia but you know who the genuine Freedom and liberty lovers are,could such people start a forum on this and stop all new memberships until we can get rid of all the Spooks Shills Trolls etc who claim we have a right to speak our mind.Thier minds are set on DESTROYING US.Please good people take urgent action now.Prayiing for you all !!!!