Comment: Turn Coat? Who do you refer?

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Turn Coat? Who do you refer?

The fruit of his labor joined the GOP and got on Central Committees.

Those who did not do their homework, are under the influence of MSM and YouTube propeganda that passes for truth because they didn't even go to one Central Committee meeting. They never did what Ron Paul asked.

Then they think an attorney who never gave a dime to Ron Paul is their hero by suing the GOP to represent who? What should be personal injury suits and suits against the states, you want a federal judge to become THE DICTATOR and have a ARMED FORCE go to the convention and you call this LIBERTY?

It's not Liberty. It's a front to end the GOP so TPTB can make the Democratic Party / Obama serve them with NO guilt, while taking us into the NWO Global government.

Ron Paul takes a learning curve that too many did not do the homework, and have the audacity to call us turn coats.

What have you done to help get Ron Paul BACKING so he had the people seated he needed?

Knocking down the campaign and Benton is knocking down Ron Paul.