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My Challenge to you...

If you had actually spend any time on this site you would realize just how far you had put your foot in your mouth today.

I am embarrassed for you.

This is a movement for Liberty and a return to the Constitution, you should be kissing us, and joining us, but you are too indoctrinated in the hegelian dialectic that is the demise of our nation and the world. Yes, look up something for a change, look up Hegelian Dialectic. It would be a good place to start in your new path to enlightenment to the dynamics that run this world.

There are many here who used to think like you, myself included, but they stopped one day, and had a epiphany about how INSANE the world is, that something was very wrong and that they had been lied to their whole lives, just as you have been. The difference between us and you is that you still believe all the lies and are still being driven like a sheep by the dominant social memes created by the controllers who own your mind.

Those controllers no longer own ours.

This is because we just stopped, saw the wrongness and decided to seek the truth. We turned off the TV, radio, pop culture and spend hours, days and years reading and doing our own INDEPENDENT research. No talking heads, no repeating of Hanity or Limbaugh or Oberlin or Matthews, we have cast off the mind controllers and meme makers, and freed our minds. We have all researched history, economics, geo politics, etc and in the coarse of this truth seeking adventure we have connected on the internet and found we were not alone!

And in the coarse of the last 5 years we have all stumbled across the only one in politics speaking the truth (which we now recognize from all that pesky research) and who just happens to be in a position to possibly make a few changes to start us back on the road to toward real Freedom, Liberty and restoring our Constitutional Republic.

We can take it from there...And even if he doesn't become President, we can take it from there too! That is a far cry from believing one man can save us. We know better.

Like I said...if you actually get pissed off enough at me to try to prove me wrong (and I hope you try) and do some independent research, you'll be back to gleefully apologize and joyously join us, and know this... you will be welcome here. There are many, many others JUST LIKE YOU who have have done their homework, awakened and joined us. We need you, and others like you, to join us in this ongoing fight to restore the Constitution and our (and your) Liberty.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle