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Working on my

Champion 3500 Watt generator today! Strange coincidence that this topic came up! In general the Champion from what I've read is a bit noisier than the Honda and has a problem with the oil sensor. (which I think is the problem with mine). If you have one and can't get it started try unplugging the wire from the oil sensor. It should work fine without it, just watch the oil level! I know 3500 (4000 peak) isn't a lot, but it's a lot more than zero!

Also, ran into another thing today (without searching for it) that is kinda related. New NBC tv show called Revolution ( ), that is supposed to be after the world looses electricity. I don't know but maybe (if TSHTF hasn't happened by then) it will give a few hints to living 1800's style. Although tv tends to simplify things and show things that will not work in real life.