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Story of RP supporters in denial or didn't get it or didn't help


yes i agree with the list you made in terms of it stating the facts, that paul stopped campaiging sometime back, and even before has a light schedule, all the while his corrupt staff was asking for several millions upon millions in donations as if they were desperate.

but, you also should be disappointed in yourself, instead of just in ron. you knew ron is part of gop, and being part of gop doesn't allow you the freedom to make your own decisions and have your own staff.

the decisions you list above that you dont' like actally come from the staff he was given by gop. so you should be upset at his establishment staff and not at ron, the libertarian.

also, the disappointments were a given from at least last year. campaign wasn't being run well from the beginning.

if paul were to go indep/3rd party, destructive decisions could have been avoided. yet, you failed to ask for accountability and raise concerns when wrogn decisions were being made or when ron was absent from the trail for long periods of time, especially during primary elections like in sc and ia and nh and fleeing from fl where to small states where there was no attention.

but you didn't want paul to have different staff or go indep/3rd party. you also seem to be attached to gop and hooked to the crony delegate system that rove and his buddies themselves designed to avoid consideration of the public that came out and voted.