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Twilight Zone

Back in the day, this would have been too outragious even for the Twilight Zone. Nobody would have believed enough of the story even to inspire the imagination.

I am repulsed and agast at least twice a month at the unimaginable gall of these treasonist politicians.

Most people over 60, the longest living American generation, were raised on raw milk. I was 10 years old before I saw pasturized milk and that was through the school milk program. I never saw pasturized milk in the grocery store until I was 18.

My american pride has taken a severe beating the past 50 years. It is so difficult to be a proud American when we are represented by this recurring cycle of theives in our political system.

May I live long enough to see Dr. Paul's dreams come true. Thank goodness we have this man to inspire us and restore some hope.