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"Cult" is the operative word

"Cult" is the operative word here. So were the Nazis. The lesson of this whole post is apparently lost on those whose minds are so inflexible. Here's some more irony for you: I commented on a youtube video featuring Ron Paul and his (& his supporters') staunch defense of the sacred US Constitution, asking why, if this was the case, did racist and antisemitic agents like David Duke and Stormfront support Dr. Paul. I was respectful and used no invective or ad hominems, nor did I question Dr. Paul's integrity. I came back later in the day and found my post had vanished. When I attempted to contact the video's uploader, a message came back stating that I had been blocked by that person. The same thing happened to me a few days later on another youtube vid from a different uploader. These little events tell me all I need to know about Paul supporters' defense of the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, and how it would be employed if, God forbid, they ever came to power.