Comment: there is nothing inherently 'good' or altruistic

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there is nothing inherently 'good' or altruistic

those people who bother have their voices heard as progressive activists usually already have their livelihood connected in one way or another to the policies they espouse.. what they say naturally has to have some interest to the party they present their views to. i have no idea now an engineer working day in and out to compete with his fellow experts and lower the cost down so ordinary people can have their electronics or home appliances for cheap to use on a daily basis is any less honorable, that these progressives need to be specially categorized for 'good', having 'good' intentions. by all means, the whole of these people without a useful job is sub standard. and possibly their apologists as well.

we have family trading partners with day in and out dealings with chinese officials in china. we hear about china's troubles first hand unbiased. if anything, the last thing we would hear from is an armchair talk from some couch experts that amounts to nothing more while drinking afternoon tea, going 'hum, interesting'.