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Granger - I am not sure how to read your post

I think we are agreeing. I merely meant the fruit of his labor being the ultimate prize of the presidency.

As to the law suit - again - I openly admit to not being a great political strategist and as I have said - will follow RP's advise. I am assuming a man who has played the game for 30 years is setting up for the next 30 that he will not be here for.

I call those on here(you can judge yourself if it includes you) turn coats as those who, at the first sign they do not approve of RP's strategy feel it ok to mutiny against him by slamming him, saying he committed a felony with the last money bomb, implying he raised the money to give to staffers - in short - throwing away all pretense of the man's character and getting caught up in the mob mentality against him. That - by definition - is a turn coat.

Again - I agree - knocking down Benton and the campaign is knocking down RP and implying his some dotard.