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Pride - gone, but not forgotten

You will be proud when "they" come for you and you go down fighting. You will remember what it is to be a proud American and a proud Virginian when push comes to shove (which is where we are now) and you are here on this location figuring ways to stop this insanity.

Anger is blinding, but you are not so blind that you cannot identify the problem. We are a joke - it has long been held in my family that "if you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anybody else." Our government is absorbed in other country's that it doesn't realize it's own cancer. We and others are pointing out the error of their ways.

Obama is a dictator in presidental clothing. More than half the country realizes this now. More than half the country realized George W was a dictator puppet under daddy's and Cheeney's control. We are making progress.

The Court has long been held as a political arm of the establishment. That is why we have the fights over nominations - the Court is supposed to interpret law, not support their nominators.

The Russian press is only allowed to print the truth about America's dirty laundry, not their own. The two are just alike.

The economy will collapse. It will be up to us to make sure our country is rebuilt as we proud Americans wish it to be, not as the establishment plans. This will be bloody. Hope we are up to the task. This country will need all of it's proud son's and daughters. Bet money that you will be there.