Comment: That Was Definitely The Target For "Elektable"

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That Was Definitely The Target For "Elektable"


That's precisely who I was targeting. Thanks for bringing this up. I'm fine with subjective criticism/opinion and understand completely that some will love it and others might not. However, it's important to keep in mind what you are pointing out. I did this in a very ADD fashion, with a very vibrant, almost comic-book like look/feel. It was meant to be a bit campy/fun. As sad as it as for me to admit, that's reality with most Americans. I'm trying to speak to the 18-35ish age bracket that is not dialed into politics like we are.

The other thing I'd like to point to everyone is that I was trying to have a little fun with this as well. I could have created a very hard-hitting, serious piece. From my perspective, there is ton of that stuff already out there. I wanted to do something that was very different. Additionally, I didn't want to force feed this to anyone. Just wanted to share a very creative, positive and mostly light-hearted piece. That's the tone I get from Dr. Paul and I think it's what gets many to warm up to his ideas. Hopefully this film will encourage many to look into Dr. Paul, Liberty, Austrian Economics and the other ideas mentioned in the film. That's the hope. Even if they only watch a part of the film but remember a particular scene (ie. "If Austrian economics is about real savings and avoiding debt....."), then that's a win/win for everyone.

I also want add that I'm grateful to the entire Liberty community for getting behind me on this. I'm 100% certain that this film has/will inspire many to look further into Ron Paul and the ideas of Liberty. At the end of the day, we all have our subjective personal tastes and I completely understand that. I wish some in this forum would be a bit more constructive in their analysis but I guess everyone just has their own way of communicating.

Thanks again, everyone. I'm very proud with how the film turned out and........even more importantly, look forward to more contributions down the road.