Comment: they run into a brickwall for sure

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they run into a brickwall for sure

Our DHS has labelled liberty lovers terrorists, recently, the NDAA was made to assassinate terrorists in the country, can you see whats happening, dont lose hope, americans are dusting off the guns under their beds and basements, literally. The military and domestic drones they have used are double edged swords which can be HACKED and used against them. Hopefully they havent made them invulnerable to hacking , but encrypted GPS signals are pretty hard to destroy in the drones. Should Obama use them on us, he would suffer massive retaliation, he forgot people in other countries, hackers, dissenters, patriots abroad, and other freedom loving nationalities, let alone the millions in our basements making our own , would work together,, the know how information would spread so easily The news would be so shocking, Twitter, FB, can never block what would happen, remember the green movement in Iran?, they showed what was happening and that country already had firewalls and computer geeks to block any info, It would just be too suicidal for the Admin to do this. Plus does Obama know the people in the military would revolt too, you can imagine what they know about the tech